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As a group of experienced Wellness professionals, we are constantly researching high performing, simple skincare treatments backed by science from around the globe. When the pandemic hit, we challenged ourselves to come up with the ideal solution to meet skincare demands in the New Normal.

It did not take long to discover that our close business partners in Korea were using a sanitizing mist to keep themselves clean and safe. Interestingly, the solution was being used on steering wheels and phones just as safely as on hands and faces. We were intrigued and made it our mission to learn more about the fascinating ingredients in this unique product.

The result is Fortify+ – skincare that provides us with a unique opportunity to make a difference during these challenging times. Through our innovations, we are dedicated to giving people the tools they need to keep themselves safer, happier, and healthier.

Our mission also includes accessibility.

That’s why have created high-quality products and beautiful premium packaging at a price you can afford. Because now, more than ever, self-care is essential.



For Fortify+ connection drives innovation. With well over a decade of experience creating innovative innovation across the world, our team has had the opportunity to build some truly exciting brands that bring fresh ideas and value to our customers.

We owe this privilege to our partnerships. Collaborating with some of the best skincare formulators, R&D experts, designers, creatives and production teams in the industry to create something truly new and special.

Now, more than ever, we’re grateful for these bonds and for the chance to build something that will make a positive impact in so many lives as we all adjust to the "new normal."