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Zeolite* is a volcanic mineral known for its unique filtering properties. Absorbent on a molecular level, it has unique array of honeycomb-like cages that attract pollutants by ion exchange. This structure gives it strong antimicrobial properties, which have been clinically proven to slow and reduce the growth of microorganisms and bacteria for extended periods of time.

Because it has been clinically proven to combat pathogens, bacteria, and microorganisms without the damaging effects of chemicals like alcohol, we thought it was a natural next step in skincare. Dermatologists and chemists agree.

The end result is a complete skincare line that enhances, moisturizes, and provides the key anti-aging and refining benefits of a premium skincare brand while helping to combat harmful bacteria.

*Zeolite is INCI registered and is a FDA GRAS listed ingredient that is safe for skin and widely used in the industry, including in beauty products (often as a natural preservative).



Our unique, anti-bacterial, Zeolite formula goes beyond simple care to deliver clean beauty you can trust. Vegan, cruelty free (Leaping Bunny-certified), and natural – it’s a safe, non-toxic alternative to harsh chemicals like alcohol that can strip your skin. Harmless to humans, our volcanic mineral-infused products help protect as well as pamper.



With Fortify+ care, you don’t have to compromise. Because, while we’re proud of the unique protection Zeolite provides, we’re equally excited about creating quality formulas that give your skin that healthy glow we all want. With premium, key ingredients like aloe, hyaluronic acid, and collagen, every step in our skincare collection infuses your skin with radiance and hydration your skin deserves.