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Fortify+ Rejuvenating & Protecting Under Eye Pads - 5 Pack


Our unique formulation contains skin nourishing ingredients + ZEOLITE which helps reduce and slow the growth of bacteria - on the FACE - the point of entry for pathogens. Our probiotic ingredients support the growth of good bacteria for a healthy and balanced Microbiome.


This premium Under-Eye treatment is infused with an ultra nourishing, anti-aging serum that absorbs into the delicate eye area to minimize signs of fatigue, dark circles, bags, fine lines and crow’s feet. Under-eyes will instantly appear smooth, firm and revitalized.

WHEN TO USE? Use as needed when the under eye area needs additional hydration and depuffing. TIP: Use before or during travel for extra hydration + protection from germs & bacteria!

WHAT’S IN IT? Powerhouse Ingredient Highlights:
    - Collagen: contains anti-aging properties that help reduce             the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
    - Aloe Vera: moisturizes, soothes and tightens skin
    - Zeolite:
*our star ingredient* natural volcanic mineral,                   clinically proven to gently fight germs and bacteria for                 extended periods of time
    - Fermented Bitter Melon Complex & Lactobacillus Ferment:         Microbiome supporting Probiotic Extract that helps keep             skin balanced and supports the growth of good bacteria

WHO SHOULD USE IT? Great for all skin types and anti-aging concern.

WHAT TO PAIR WITH? Use as a treatment after cleansing with our Purifying + Protecting Facial Cleanser, and our Nourishing + Protecting Facial Moisturizer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great for Hyper Allergenic People Like Me

I have tried multiple other under eye pad products but found my skin to be irritated by the chemicals used, however with this product I had no irritation and it worked super well. If you are hyper allergenic I highly recommend this product

I recommend these eye pads.

Eye pads are a must have for me, I try them from all different brands but I have to say I am very impressed with this one. Does everything you’d expect from eye pads, cooling, soothing, noticeable reduction in my eye bags in very short time of use, plus the anti bacteria feature. I recommend this.

A MUST have product right now!

LOVE this product. Not only do I see results in minimizing the under eye bags and puffiness I get, but I feel so relieved that this is able to help protect my face from covid, bacteria and germs. I've always felt the need while and about to put Purell over my face but of course, i wouldn't actually do that bc it would damage my skin. This brand allows me to get the same result -without the negatives of alcohol, so I'm thrilled this exists and can't recommend their products enough!


Zeolite is a volcanic mineral that’s been clinically proven to slow the growth of germs, bacteria, pathogens and microorganisms for extended periods of time. Non-toxic, non-irritating, and naturally derived, it provides clean beauty benefits that shield and purify skin without harsh chemicals. The result is beautiful skin that’s nourished, hydrated, and protected.

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