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hydrating facial mist
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Fortify+ Protecting Facial Mist - Travel Capsule


This premium protecting facial treatment is infused with high quality ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid which hydrates skin, locks in moisture and diminishes signs of aging. Aloe Vera moisturizes, soothes and tightens skin.

Different than other mists, this product works to not only freshen your face with a burst of hydration, but also helps fight bacteria and illness causing germs that adhere to the face - without drying or damaging skin.

Mist in the morning, post workout, before sleep, on the go and whenever you need a quick cleanse and refresh.

Helps protect, moisturize and refresh skin.

Our unique Zeolite based formulation works to reduce and slow the growth of illness causing microorganisms, while caring for your skin.

ZEOLITE has been recognized for its strong antimicrobial properties and has been clinically proven to slow and reduce the growth of microorganisms or bacteria for extended periods of time. ZEOLITE is proven SAFE for skin.

Customer Reviews

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This stuff is just fantabulous!! It smells WONDERFUL! Even gets in my hair when I spray it and my hair smells beautiful all day! It’s a light moisturizer that doesn’t irritate my acne-prone skin, i.e. does not cause breakouts. Just an absolutely beautiful, soothing, nirvana-inducing product that I will purchase again and again!


When I'm feeling a little tired, and my face looks a little rough, this is my go to spray. Not sure what it does, but my face instantly comes to life again.

I don't leave home without this!

This product is my essential on the go item. At the supermarket, at work, on public transportation, anywhere. Not only is it refreshing and hydrating - which I always need, it also gets rid of any bacteria, virus particles and germs off my face. I think it's a perfect complement to masks and sanitizers and I highly recommend it. The packaging is beautiful too!


Zeolite is a volcanic mineral that’s been clinically proven to slow the growth of germs, bacteria, pathogens and microorganisms for extended periods of time. Non-toxic, non-irritating, and naturally derived, it provides clean beauty benefits that shield and purify skin without harsh chemicals. The result is beautiful skin that’s nourished, hydrated, and protected.

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