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Protecting Facial Serum
Protecting Facial Serum
Facial Serum
facial treatment
Natural Facial Serum
 face serum for healthier skin

Fortify+ Moisturizing & Protecting Facial Serum


Our unique formulation contains skin nourishing ingredients + ZEOLITE which helps reduce and slow the growth of bacteria - on the FACE - the point of entry for pathogens. Our probiotic ingredients support the growth of good bacteria for a healthy and balanced Microbiome.


This nourishing serum is packed with rich ingredients that helps hydrate, revive and protect the skin. It’s thin consistency quickly sinks deep into skin, delivering a burst of hydration for instantly plump, radiant skin that looks and feels smoother. Different from other serums, this product works to not hydrate skin but also helps fight germs and bacteria that adhere to the face - without drying or damaging skin.

WHEN TO USE? Apply to clean skin morning, night, or whenever you need an extra boost of hydration. Works great as a base for makeup.

WHAT’S IN IT? Powerhouse Ingredient Highlights:
    - Hyaluronic Acid: hydrates skin, locks in moisture, and                     diminishes signs of aging.
    - Aloe Vera: moisturizes, soothes and tightens skin
    - Zeolite: *our star ingredient* natural volcanic mineral,                   clinically proven to gently fight germs and bacteria for                 extended periods of time. 
    - Fermented Bitter Melon Complex & Lactobacillus Ferment:         Microbiome supporting Probiotic Extract that helps keep             skin balanced and supports the growth of good bacteria. 

WHO SHOULD USE IT? Great for all skin types. Ideal for anti-aging skin concerns including dryness, dullness and blemishes.

WHAT TO PAIR WITH? Apply after our Purifying & Protecting Cleanser and before our Nourishing & Protecting Moisturizer.

Customer Reviews

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Sandra Amador Fuentes

Hola , este producto es fantástico, lo compré de casualidad en estas tiendas de marcas ,Tjmax lo cogi para probarlo ya que había comprado diferentes productos ,ya que las mascarillas con esto de la pandemia me hizo brotes de acné y este producto es un éxito, brotes ya se fueron ,amo este producto y lo recomiendo.

A staple in skincare

This serum is fast becoming a staple for me. I love the glow it gives me. The zeolite in it really helps with fighting acne. I guess it is a perk of the anti bacteria property of zeolite. I love it.

Great product and brand!

Really happy with this serum. It's smooth and silky - not sticky like some others. The quality seems to be at the level of other much more expensive brands, so the value is amazing. Most important to me though, is the fact that it has Zeolite which helps prevent pathogens from get into the body through the face. No other skincare line I've seen offers this, unless its alcohol based - and I'm not putting alcohol on my face. Highly recommend!


I've used this product for about a week now and already seeing results. My face feels cleaner, fresher, and smells great!


Zeolite is a volcanic mineral that’s been clinically proven to slow the growth of germs, bacteria, pathogens and microorganisms for extended periods of time. Non-toxic, non-irritating, and naturally derived, it provides clean beauty benefits that shield and purify skin without harsh chemicals. The result is beautiful skin that’s nourished, hydrated, and protected.

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