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  • November 30, 2021 COSMOPOLITAN: "How to be a person who *doesn't* have a skin crisis when traveling"
    COSMOPOLITAN: "How to be a person who *doesn't* have a skin crisis when traveling"
    What To Pack To Prevent (or fix) A Skin Freak-Out:
    "It’s basically a sanitizing spray for your face and a must-use before you get on a plane or any other form of public transit. An ingredient called zeolite stops patho- gens and bacteria—like E. coli and P. acnes—from multiplying on your skin."
  • July 04, 2021 The best natural skincare tips
    The best natural skincare tips

    “Love the skin you’re in!”

    “Beauty is not skin deep!”

    You’re all for self-love and embracing who you truly are. You believe that confidence is key for a successful life. And you are a huge advocate of being comfortable in your own body.

    If only your skin was a little bit smoother… or finally free from those acne scars. Maybe, just maybe you could find a way to lose those dark circles around your eyes, and then you’ll love your skin.

    The fact is, we all want beautiful skin. And that’s perfectly normal. Here are some natural tips to help you achieve your best skin ever.

     1. Beauty sleep

    Have you ever looked in the mirror after a particularly restless night? Your skin needs to rest just as much as you do. A lack of sleep can lead to issues like puffy eyes, dark under-eye circles, drooping eyelids and wrinkles. This is caused by cortisol, the stress hormone in our bodies. The more we sleep, the lower the levels of cortisol in our bodies. According to experts, we should aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep nightly.

    2. Sweat it out

    Here’s that extra boost of motivation you need to start working out: Regular exercise helps to nourish your skin. When you are active, blood flow throughout your body increases, which carries oxygen and nutrients to your cells, including your skin. The increased blood flow also carries free radicals away from your skin, essentially cleaning your skin from the inside out.

    3. Protect your skin from the sun

    The UV rays from the sun can wreak havoc on your skin if you’re not careful. As a result, wearing sunscreen outdoors is vitally important. But don’t just stop there. Opt to walk in the shade when outdoors. Sure your sunscreen helps, but remember it will wear off throughout the day. To be safe, take refuge in the shade whenever possible.

    4. Drink up

    The water you get from food and drinks moisturizes your skin, keeping your skin firm, smooth and healthy. However, your body feeds higher priority organs first. So if you’re dehydrated, all the water goes to your internal organs first, leaving your skin parched. So be sure you’re getting enough fluids to feed your vital organs as well as your skin. Once you’re dehydrated, your skin will tell you.

    5. Fret not

    You have probably heard of ‘cortisol’ at some point in your life. It’s a well-known enemy in the skincare world and beyond. Cortisol is the stress hormone found in our bodies. The more you stress, the more of it your body produces. This can disrupt collagen production which then leads to wrinkles and dry skin. Sleep more, get a massage, workout - do whatever you need to do to keep your stress levels down. Your skin will thank you for it.

    The products you use also play a big part in the health of your skin. So it’s important to ensure you’re choosing products with skin-loving ingredients, like the Fortify+ germ-fighting skin care line. Ultimately though, achieving beautiful skin goes deeper than just using the best products. Health is beauty, after all. So drink up, sleep tight and get active daily to achieve gorgeous skin.

  • July 04, 2021 What are the benefits of face mists?
    What are the benefits of face mists?

    Face mists can do wonders for your skin. In fact, very few skin care products out there can multitask as well as these refreshing sprays. They are often packed with skin-loving luxurious ingredients that pamper and nourish your skin. And the best part? You can use them any time of day or night, whether you’re at home or on the go for a nice, refreshing boost to your skin.

     Who can use face mists?

    There are face mists on the market for every skin type. It’s just a matter of learning your skin type and picking the right one. If your skin is on the drier side, then choose a mist with delicious essential oils. If you have more sensitive skin, or if your skin is a bit more mature, then choose a face mist with aloe vera for some extra pampering. 

    Are face mists necessary?

    Will your skin be an absolute mess without a face mist? Probably not. Will you see any real improvements in your skin when you use a face mist? Absolutely! While skipping the face mist won’t ruin your skin, the benefits of using one are honestly too good to pass up. Plus it’s super quick to apply (a couple sprays and you’re done!) and very affordable. And you can use it any time, anywhere.

    benefits of face mist


    What are the benefits?

    A few sprays of face mist can leave you feeling unbelievably refreshed. That quick refresh on a particularly sweaty day is enough to make it worth it. But the benefits don’t end there. Here are a few more benefits of using a face mist on your skin:


    1. Instant hydration

    Using a face mist is the quickest way to get some moisture in your skin. And you don’t have to mess up your makeup to do it. Simply spritz it on throughout the day to keep your skin nice and dewy. To ensure you’re getting the maximum hydration, look for face mists with super hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid.

    1. Soothes sensitive skin

    If you have sensitive skin or more mature skin, choose a formula that contains gentle ingredients like aloe vera to soothe and tighten your skin. Face mists work very well for sensitive and mature skin types, as you don’t need to touch or rub your skin as with a regular moisturizer.

    1. Set your makeup

    There are some face mists on the market that double as setting sprays. You get all the moisture benefits of a regular mist, along with the setting properties to help your makeup stay in place for much longer.

    1. Fights bacteria

    Bacteria on your face can get you sick once they enter your body, so it’s important to keep your face clean at all times. Doing your full skincare routine several times a day is simply not feasible. The next best thing? A well-chosen face mist. Choose a face mist with germ-fighting ingredients, like this Fortify+ Protecting Facial Mist, to keep your face clean and protected throughout the day.

    Face mists are beyond versatile, and they give your skin the quickest moisture boost. A single spritz and your skin will instantly look dewier and brighter. And when chosen correctly (no alcohol, thank you) they can be used again and again throughout the day.

    Fortify+ offers a high-quality face mist with zeolite as one of the main ingredients. Zeolite is known for its ability to slow the growth of germs and microorganisms on your face.


    best facial mist


    Fortify+ Protecting Facial Mist


  • May 18, 2021 Natural Germ-Fighting Skincare: A New Meaning For Clean Beauty
    Natural Germ-Fighting Skincare: A New Meaning For Clean Beauty

    What is germ-fighting skincare? And why is this the next big thing in Beauty?

    Over the years, the beauty industry has seen a number of buzzwords. Clean beauty. Natural skincare. Vegan-friendly. Eco-friendly. And how could we forget the old faithful “organic”? With the recent world health crisis (ahem COVID-19), it seems consumers' beauty regimes have changed focus. There’s now a demand for regular beauty products with antimicrobial properties.

    And so a new buzzword was born: Germ-fighting skincare.

    germ-fighting skincare

    Germs are easily transferred to your face and this is where viruses and pathogens are contracted into the body - through the eyes, nose and mouth.

    Germs are everywhere. On your phones, laptops, purses, cutting boards, and a number of other surfaces you touch every day. Each time someone coughs or sneezes, they are adding even more germs to the air. It takes nothing for your face to come in contact with these microorganisms as you go about your day. While it’s impossible to completely avoid germs, there are things you can do to reduce your exposure.

    Germs entering the body can directly lead to illnesses.

    There are many different types of germs out there, including bacteria and viruses. Too much exposure to these can eventually lead to illness in humans, which is why some amount of germ-fighting is needed. One of the easiest ways to prevent illnesses from germs is by keeping your face clean.

    But how do you protect this delicate area from germs without harsh antibacterial products?

    Fortify+ Germ-Fighting Skincare

    Fortify+ Germ-Fighting Skincare

    There are some new beauty products that have emerged on the market, claiming to have germ-fighting properties. But most are alcohol-based and can harm and dry your skin.

    Fortify+ has built an entire skin care line based on one well-known germ-fighting ingredient: Zeolite. This natural mineral is very gentle on the skin and has been proven to fight germs by slowing down the growth of microorganisms.

    This makes it the ideal ingredient for your facial beauty products, because it combats bacteria and germs without the negative effects of most other antibacterial ingredients like alcohol..

    Fortify+ Germ-Fighting Skin Care Line

    Fortify+ Purifying & Protecting Facial Cleanser, $13.99

    Remove germs and grime and leave your skin soft and moisturized. This cleanser helps to protect, purify and replenish your skin.

    Fortify+ Hydrating & Protecting Facial Sheet Mask, $14.99

    Infused with quality skincare ingredients like Zeolite, Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera, these sheet masks are great for keeping you germ-free and moisturized.

    Fortify+ Moisturizing & Protecting Facial Serum, $23.99

    Achieve a more youthful appearance and the added benefit of germ protection with zeolite. This serum is chock full of moisturizing ingredients to revive your skin.

    Fortify+ Nourishing & Protecting Facial Moisturizer, $24.99

    It’s not just the lines and wrinkles you want to remove from your face… though that’s a pretty great start. This moisturizer helps do just that, all while fighting the germs on your face.